Harvest 2015

Harvest 2015 began in the last week of April.  We were once again fortunate to have our lovely nephews Lachlan and Leigh join the team for harvest.  The weather has been spectacular and everything ran smoothly under the guidance of our harvest manager Lachlan Rowntree.  This year we roped in some extras.  A big thank you to Wally and Charlie Seidel, Talia Freak and Leana Head for all your help.

The beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now resting in stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen, at the processing facility at Keith, South Australia.  This is our biggest harvest so far.

The harvest has now ended, the equipment cleaned and packed away and life is beginning to return to normal.  Now we’ll get started on pruning the trees and getting them in prime condition to flower in September and commence the new 2016 olive growing season.

Growing olives and producing our award winning, delicious and nutritious Extra Virgin Olive Oil is such a rewarding job.  We love every day of every month living in our beautiful part of the Murray Mallee.  Hope you enjoy our photos of the 2015 season. xx