[2 litre]

[10 litre]

[20 litre]


[250 ml Dorica bottles]

[500 ml Dorica bottles]

Benefits of buying EVOO in a Cask

The 2 litre Longridge Cask will protect your EVOO from the harmful effects of heat and light.

The bladder inside the Cask contracts, protecting the EVOO from harmful air.

EVOO stored in Casks has a longer shelf life - up to three years in some cases.

Casks are more environmentally friendly. They are 100% recyclable.

The non-drip tap reduces drips and stains. Very easy to use with one hand.

Casks are STRONG and STURDY and won't shatter when dropped. Great for transporting!

Casks are easily stored in a pantry and can be decanted into smaller bottles if required.

The Longridge 2 litre casks are light enough to hold in your hand and very easy to open!