Welcome to Longridge Olives

Australia’s largest commercial super high density grove producing certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Family owned and operated

First started in 1998 and expanded in 2010 Longridge Olives is 100% family owned and operated.

Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Longridge Australian EVOO has won an award for every competition it has entered both domestically and internationally.

Our Values

At Longridge Olives we believe that growing and producing safe, healthy food is not only a worthwhile and fun thing to do but vital to the ongoing health and well being of our society.


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Online store temporarily closed

The online store we were running is temporarily closed. It was originally opened as a test for how we might run a store but we quickly started getting orders from our lovely customers! Unfortunately, the cost of postage for an individual cask from our local post...

Gas and electricity acquired

A few years ago, the generator at our water bore had issues in the middle of a heat wave and there was no water. At that time, it was quicker and more cost effective to buy another generator the exact same and drop it in place. A few weeks later, we got the parts to...

The Processing Plant is underway

The boys at Longridge Olives have been busily converting our old Shearing Shed into an Olive Mill ready for the 2018 crop.  This has been a huge undertaking and we are grateful to be surrounded by so many talented family members. Check out the photos. [gallery...