Welcome to Longridge Olives

Australia’s largest commercial super high density grove producing certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

... consistent award winning brand

Longridge Australian EVOO has won an award at every competition it is entered into.

fresh, tasty and better for you

Our Certified Australian EVOO is packed full of flavour and will enhance any food.

Bringing the land to life

Harrison likes to get a birds eye view.

Perfect olives ready to pick

Our olives are harvested in May each year and juiced within 24 hours to retain optimal freshness, taste and health benefits.

our home, our happiness

Our home is where the magic happens.

winter... a welcome relief from the summer heat

We are fortunate to experience all four seasons here at Longridge

stunning sunsets

The sunsets at Longridge are spectacular,

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Meet our four new family members

Over the last year the Longridge menagerie has grown.  We welcome our new Kangababby Melly, Harry & Tam's dog Monkey and kitty Mumbo, plus Georgia & Tom's pupper Ziggy.  

The Processing Plant is underway

The boys at Longridge Olives have been busily converting our old Shearing Shed into an Olive Mill ready for the 2018 crop.  This has been a huge undertaking and we are grateful to be surrounded by so many talented family members. Check out the photos. [gallery...

The trees get a hair cut

During winter the Longridge trees were pruned heavily.  We do this every couple of years to ensure that the tree remain healthy and productive. It always looks quite severe when it first happens, but it doesn't take long for the trees to bounce back.