Grown by us, picked by us, crushed by us

Freshly picked fruit, straight into our olive mill. It’s the secret to great oil year after year.

Experts In Agrumato

Our mill is designed to crush lemons and oranges with ease. Paired with our freshly picked olives, our agrumato oils have been winning awards Australia-wide.

100% Familiy Owned and Operated

Established in 1998 and expanded in 2008 by Jim and Lisa, they are now joined by their two sons Lachlan and Harrison, and their partners. Each family member brings a different set of skills which enables Longridge Olives to innovate new systems for irrigation control, orchard management, and harvesting.


Founder and orchard manager. Innovator of new farm implements and electronics.


Founder and business manager. Part time nanny for her grandchildren.


Harvest leader and metal fabrication. 


Electronics and programming. Lead olive mill operator.

Our Products

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Bulk Oil

We are fond of a cask – they protect the quality of oil throughout its use, and are efficient to pack and transport, and are easy to hold.

They also look great on any shelf.

Bulk oil sales and bottled oils are availble upon request. 


Online store temporarily closed

Online store temporarily closed

The online store we were running is temporarily closed. It was originally opened as a test for how we might run a store but we quickly started getting orders from our lovely customers! Unfortunately, the cost of postage for an individual cask from our local post...

Gas and electricity acquired

Gas and electricity acquired

A few years ago, the generator at our water bore had issues in the middle of a heat wave and there was no water. At that time, it was quicker and more cost effective to buy another generator the exact same and drop it in place. A few weeks later, we got the parts to...

The Processing Plant is underway

The Processing Plant is underway

The boys at Longridge Olives have been busily converting our old Shearing Shed into an Olive Mill ready for the 2018 crop.  This has been a huge undertaking and we are grateful to be surrounded by so many talented family members. Check out the photos. [gallery...


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