Follow along the olive’s journey.


The season starts in the spring where new leaves and flower buds emerge. In early November, the flowers open and olive trees pollinate each other.


The trees have had a fraction of their flowers set fruit and are now growing. Throughout the summer and autumn, the olives grow from small green buds to the plump, juicy olives we like to pick. They change their colour from green to purple as they ripen. 


By late autumn, the oilves have accumulated as much oil as they can and it’s time to start harvesting. For the next six weeks, it’s all hands on deck with a crew of family and friends harvesting, catching and bringing the olives back to the mill. 


A short time after being picked, the olives are crushed in our on-site olive mill (affectionately called “The Millhouse”). Different varieties are picked and crushed seperately so that particular blends can be made to order.

Along with regular, high quality extra virgin olive oil, we also produce award winning agrumato oils. Unlike some other flavoured infusions where the extra ingredient is added to the oil after production, agrumato is a process where the fresh fruit (in our case, lemons and oranges) is crushed with the olives at the same time.



Raw olives – crushed, malaxed and seperated. Consistent flavours year after year.  Great for everything from salads, frying, and baking. 



Just like the EVOO, but with fresh picked lemons from the Riverland added with the fruit before crushing. Great on salads, cooking, and surprisingly, ice cream! 



Oranges and olives. They’re an uncommon pairing but this combination has also been turning heads and winning awards accross Australia. Also works great on salads and ice cream. 



Once the oil has settled in the storage tanks, it’s ready for the customer as a single variety or as a blend to suit the desired flavour profile. 

There are a few packaging options available.


The 2L casks are our favourite! Their internal bladder collapses down as the oil is used and keeps the air out which greatly increases their lifespan compared to a bottle. They’re easy to hold, easy to use with a built in tap and look great in the kitchen. 

Other cask sizes made to order:

  • 5L
  • 10L
  • 20L


The classic olive oil vessel and a favourite for many people. People love our bottles as gifts but we usually don’t hold stock of them.

Bottles are made to order and are available in the following sizes:

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 750ml 


If you’re in the food service industry and need larger volumes, there are a few options available from larger casks to 20L PET containers. After that, we’re into 1000L IBCs and then tankers. Bulk export is available through bladders inside shipping containers. 

If you want to package the with your own label, we would love to supply for you too! 



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