OuR Team

Our team is our family – literally. Each of us brings something unique to the farm which allows us to cover a wide range of skills with only four people

Lisa ROwntree

Lisa is the ‘Longridge Olives’ business. She’s sells the oil we produce and pays the bills. She’s gets us into trade shows and works on marketing. During harvest time, she is the head chef – making meals for everyone three times a day so we barely need to stop.

Outside her role on the farm, she’s a mother of four, grandmother of two and is an elected member of the Coorong District Council

Jim ROwntree

Jim is our inventor and ideas guy. Jim’s optimisim is second to none. No matter the problem, there’s always a way to solve it.

Jim and Lisa planted the first orchard in 1998 with Lisa holding a stick and a texta line on the window of the tractor. Once he got his eye in, he spent the next ten years establishing four more olive groves in the district before moving back to this farm full time. All up, he is responsible for planting nearly 300,000 trees covering 620 hectares.

Outside the farm, Jim is known for his lead guitar and singing in various rock bands all the way from the ’70s until now.

Lachlan ROwntree

Growing up watching his dad, Lachlan was keen to keep working on the farm and had his hands full shortly after finishing school. He’s our go-to-guy when we need metal fabrication work done. 

Lachlan loves spending time in the orchard and is the person you will likely find in the tractor. He’s also our main harvester driver where he spends six to eight weeks in his throne, overlooking the endless sea of trees.

When he’s not fixing, or driving a tractor, you’ll find him in his chop shop, working on one of his collectable cars. 

Harrison ROwntree

Harrison is our software, math and physics geek. He’s in charge of making sure our computers, websites, and emails are all working. His software engineering background enables him to develop and trial new irrigation control systems. 

During harvest, Harrison is the lead processor for the Longridge Olives’ ‘Millhouse’ where our olives are transformed into liquid gold.

Outside the farm, Harrison is a relief teacher at local schools. In his spare time, you might spot him in the sky in his hang glider or spending time with his family. 



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