Our Farm

Over 87,000 trees – established by us in 1998.

Longridge Olives is situated on South Australia’s Limestone Coast which is the same lattitude below the equator as Spain and Italy are above. With good groundwater availaibility, it’s no surprise that this region consistently produces world-class food. 


Longridge Olives is one of the largest Super High Density Groves in Australia.  The first 20 hectares of high density groves were planted in 1998.  The Super High Density grove was planted in 2009 and is designed to accommodate the latest mechanisation and orchard systems for olives. 


Secure Water supply

Our orchards are drip irrigated using artesian water that flows inland out to sea through large underground aquifers. We are fortunate to be unaffected by droughts and produce excellent quality and large volumes of extra virgin olive oil year after year.


Vertically Integrated

Our farm owns all of its own equipment, bred its own workers (A.K.A ‘family’), and crushes its own olives. We have our own modern centrifugial olive crushing facility and oil storage shed on site, ready for bulk shipping from the farm gate. 

The on site crushing allows us to dry and spread the nutrient rich olive pomice back onto the farm. Nothing is wasted. 



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